Current Chapter Council & Nominees for Election


Elections are complete! Congratulations to the following members below! You will be contacted soon by the president elect, Ryan O'Gowan, and a phone conference will be arranged in the near future. Ryan can be reached at

Thank you all!

Current Council: Northeast Chapter, Society of Critical Care Medicine

Role                                         Name and Location                                             

Officers (2016-2018)
Immediate Past President     David S. Shapiro, FACS, FCCM, Hartford, Connecticut 

President Elect                        Ryan O’Gowan, MBA, PA-C, FCCM    Worcester, Massachusetts

VP/Treasurer:                           James Lunn, PA-C (Connecticut)

Secretary:                                 Peter Sandor, PA-C (Connecticut)

State Representatives:  (2016-2018)

State Rep: Connecticut        Carolyn Ramos, PA-C

State Rep: Massachusetts   Abigail Orenstein, MD

State Rep: Vermont               Tim Quill, MD

State Rep: New York            Gregory Kapinos, New York

State Rep: Maine                   Richard Riker, MD    Maine Medical Center

State Representatives: (2015-2017)

State Rep: New Hampshire Perrin Hickey, PAC    Portsmouth, New Hampshire

State Rep: Rhode Island      Martha Roberts, PharmD    Providence, Rhode Island

Special Board Representative:
Board Member (until 2018)    Mark Safford, MD (New York)

Board Member (until 2018)   Zachary Levy, MD (New York)

Board Member (until 2018)   Glen Brady, MD (New York)

Board Member (until 2018)   Vijay Jayaraman, MD (Connecticut)

Board Member (2015-2017)    Jamey Dodge, RPh    Tolland, Connecticut

Board Member (2015-2017)    Meredith Quilter, BSN    Hartford, Connecticut